Illegal brother

Style : Hardcore / Uptempo

ILLEGAL BROTHER, young Dj Hardcore - Uptempo 24 years old from Brussels. In 2014, he began his passion as a duo, which would not last long since in 2015 he pursued his career and his projects on his side. From the very beginning, he appeared on stages such as Footworxx, Chill2Chill, Slow To Core, Karnage and Efs ... Soon he started production and released a few solo tracks Also in collaboration with other DJs of the medium such as GUIZCORE and KAY HARDCORE During the year 2016, it appears member and integrates several Crew with which it continues to evolve like Hardcorp SoundSystem STC Crew and the Crew Chill2Chill. In January 2017, he has the opportunity to become a resident Dj for "Exode Record Radio", a French radio station where his fans will have the opportunity to follow him and listen to several of his sets.


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