Style : Progressive Psy / Frenchcore / Hardtek 


Artist of SlowToCore since it’s beginnings, FUKUSHIVA is assimilated to a new wave in the Hard
music, it offers destructive and freaky music combined with neuro influences and psychedelic
FUKUSHIVA has played in many raves in France and Belgium.!
He was able to share the stage with artists such as Dr. Peacock, The Sickest Squad, Figure, The
Clamps, Hallucinator, Vortek's, Psylotribe, and many others ...! !

Fascinated by the alternative culture and their potential, Loris, 21 years old, goes since several
years in a multitude of festivals and rave party through Europe. Young composer of electronic
music, it is in a melting pot of inspirations that he discovers the world of the scene.! !
Native of Belfort (North-East of France), it is there that he feels his first bursts of Progressive
Trance. His many encounters burn this new state of mind and, during the summer 2014, he travel
in Portugal where the spiritual deflagration spreads at the BOOM Festival. The explosive project
FUKUSHIVA is began.

In 2015, he joined the french collective of artists Fraktal Beats when it was created.! !
Eager to discover new techniques of production, his curiosity led him in Belgium where he was
able learn a training at the SAE institute of Brussels.!

During is cursus, he liked the artistic boiling than offered him the nightlife of Brussels. Experiencing
the extreme electronic music like Hardtek and Frenchcore, he was able to impose himself and
evolve his project with explosive shows. He is now a member of the STC crew.! !
FUKUSHIVA has also focused on other areas such as VJing and projection mapping, in which he
is entirely self-taught and has been able to accompany lot of shows of major artists.! !
He also joined as an chronicler the P.R.O.U.G (Psychedelic Radioshow Obviously UnderGround)
team for the season 2 on Radio Panik.